A Virtual Hospitality Marketing Company

Our Mission

To provide all clients marketing requirements with affordable, restaurant focused services that build effective customer relationships.

Our Values

Build open and honest relationships with our "FRESH" approach to digital & print marketing through open communication and respect.

Our Solution

Our Virtual Office is the right choice for restaurants requiring marketing assistance. We are the breath of "FRESH" air you need.

How do we "Set That Marketing Table" for you?

Our layered services give you the best options when it comes to budget.

Website Design

A restaurant's website is the single most important marketing tool. A well-designed website strikes the perfect balance of technology and purpose. Our website designs reflect the brand and vibe of your business.

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Driven Content Creation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Reservations Integration
  • Newsletter Integration
  • News & Event Integration
  • Content Management and Maintenance plans available.
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    Social Media Management

    Our social media content management plans assist busy restaurateurs like you maintain a consistent presence on social media. When potential customers go looking for you, they need to be able to discover you during searches and to find you consistently keeping your online presence "FRESH" and relevant to your industry.

    Benefits of our Social Services

    Scheduled posts drive traffic with the perfect balance of self promotion and instantaneous posts. The strategic use of localized #hashtags makes it easier for potential guests to discover you across Multiple platforms. We take care of the strategy, you take care of the fun!


    We love the hashtag. That little symbol has taken social media by storm. People with personal accounts have fun with hashtags in that they can tell us an entertaining and often humorous story. However, business needs a different, more focused approach when using hashtags.

    Twitter, Facebook and Instagram require different approaches when it comes to the hashtag. Use of hashtags on social media is actually quite an involved conversation, which we will visit in the future. The following do's and don'ts are just a guideline for the beginner.

    DO use hashtags on facebook, but limit it to 2 or 3 searchable keywords. Your location, a local event such as #CraftBeerWeek, or common promotion such as #HappyHour. For a seasonal special such as Spot Prawns, which are in Season right now use #SpotPrawn to ride the hashtag wave.
    DON'T list so many hashtags that they become larger than the actual post. Never combine content with hashtags in your comments, as it makes for a messy read and discourages engagement. Example.... The #BrownCow jumped over the #Moon. "  

    DO use hashtags, but for the sake of being able to say what you need to in 148 characters, limit them to one or two. Keep them relative to, and in line with your brand after searching keywords in the twitter browser. Unless trending topics are relative to your message, it is not recommended that you use them in your posts. You may get followers, but for the wrong reasons.
    DON'T retweet and change the original poster's hashtags to suit yours, as it does not fall under Social Media Best Practices. use hashtags as a response to someone else's post as it looks like you are not genuinely interested in them and are only promoting yourselves. 

    DO feel free to use an abundance of hashtags on Instagram, but only in your comment box directly after you post your photograph, and only related content and a branded hashtag if you are using one. Although you are allowed up to 30 tags in Instagram, unless it is relevant to your brand you are wasting your efforts. Keep it to between 5-10 relevant tags.
    DON'T use hashtags as a response to someone else's post as it looks like you are not genuinely interested in them and are only promoting yourselves.

    How do you know what hashtag will work for your business? 

    Do a little research. In the search bar of your facebook, twitter or instagram pages search the hashtag you are considering.  If the search comes up empty, you will lower your reach on your post because nobody is searching for that. When using branded hashtags, use them consistently and in proper context. 

    Hashtags are a great tool for social monitoring. This means that if your hashtag is specific to your messaging it is easy to check out what people are saying when they use the hashtag. We will leave you with this little nugget. Like many other things, use hashtags in moderation. After all your hard work, the last thing you want is for your brand to be thought of as a spammer. 



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