A Virtual Hospitality Marketing Company

Our Mission

To provide all clients marketing requirements with affordable, restaurant focused services that build effective customer relationships.

Our Values

Build open and honest relationships with our "FRESH" approach to digital & print marketing through open communication and respect.

Our Solution

Our Virtual Office is the right choice for restaurants requiring marketing assistance. We are the breath of "FRESH" air you need.

How do we "Set That Marketing Table" for you?

Our layered services give you the best options when it comes to budget.

Website Design

A restaurant's website is the single most important marketing tool. A well-designed website strikes the perfect balance of technology and purpose. Our website designs reflect the brand and vibe of your business.

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Driven Content Creation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Reservations Integration
  • Newsletter Integration
  • News & Event Integration
  • Content Management and Maintenance plans available.
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    Social Media Management

    Our social media content management plans assist busy restaurateurs like you maintain a consistent presence on social media. When potential customers go looking for you, they need to be able to discover you during searches and to find you consistently keeping your online presence "FRESH" and relevant to your industry.

    Benefits of our Social Services

    Scheduled posts drive traffic with the perfect balance of self promotion and instantaneous posts. The strategic use of localized #hashtags makes it easier for potential guests to discover you across Multiple platforms. We take care of the strategy, you take care of the fun!


    Engage customers right in the palm of their hands.

    Customers are always on the move, so why not reach them wherever they are? Get those new and regular customers engaged, filling those seats more often.

    For a while email marketing died off after getting a bad rap. One of the biggest issues was the difficulty trying to opt out of emails combined with no standards in place. For today's internet savvy customers, this is no longer true. Now it has become a trustworthy and engaging way to connect with your most loyal customers right in the palm of their hand while on the go, or on a home computer. Using email platforms like Constant Contact new standards have evolved, helping the user abide by anti spam laws and grow their customer base with terrific Social Share and easy Sign Up tools.

    Email marketing platforms Social Sharing links helps to grow your customer database. Call to actions for easy sign are placed on your website, facebook pages and promoted links over Twitter or Instagram. Making every effort to move those people from followers to database customers is essential as those who register for your newsletter program are interested specifically in your business, not how many followers they have who they don't engage with.

    What type of campaigns can you run to engage your customers?

    Offers and Promotions
    What is the hot topic and on trend in the food industry? If its Craft Beer Month, then why not do a promotion on Taster Racks featuring last years winning brewers.

    Event Invitations & Registration
    Is it a slow time of the year where you need to put people in the seats? Create an Event where people pre-pay and register ahead of time. You will know how many are coming and if lucky have so much interest you can run it for a second night!

    Feedback & Surveys
    Time to change the menus up? Take a survey with the people that really matter, your customer database. Find out what they cannot live without or get their feed back on service, weekly specials.

    Engagement Marketing
    This is where you engage customers by keeping them in the loop about what is happening, for example you got a new wine that everyone is raving about or you are hosting an open house.  The possibilities are as expansive and your imagination takes you.


    Creating great email campaigns is easy when mindful to these details. Keep it simple, use the same colours and logo that appear on your website, and at least one (no more than 3) photograph of the promotion. Subject lines should be concise and unique to every newsletter. Tell a bit more about what to expect inside, keeping it to one line. Why? Because most emails allow you to see the intro text before it is open. Get your guests curious.

    90% of customers check their emails daily.  Make good use of "Opt In" tools to avoid landing in the junkyard. When starting a newsletter to emails in your inbox, make sure to invite them "Opt In" to your newsletter program, ensuring that you will only email them monthly or perhaps bi-monthly.  Too much will have people "Opting Out" quickly.  So... what will your first newsletter be about?

    With such a great promotion, the recipient may text a friend or a few to join them. Potential new customer!

    You friend(s) needs directions so they do a google maps search for your establishment, consequently reading all of your great reviews.  Just think, a truly happy customer will return and leave a positive review, prompting more visitors.

    In the meantime your email recipient is sharing your email with friends through social share that are embedded inside your email.  A well composed email with great promotions will get more newsletter sign-ups. So have you guessed what might be happening now?  This new person is texting their friends to join them, they do a search for directions and there you go.  Full circle, a growing circle of loyal customers. 

    Watch the reservations start coming in. You can ask reservations if its their first time along with how they heard about you.  When they say they found out about you through a friend. Bingo! You have a winning formula for your newsletter. Remember a newsletter is one tool in an arsenal of marketing assets. 

     As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, Fresh Restaurant Marketing has the expertise to help you create targeted online marketing campaigns that reach your customers and prospects in all the places they are: email, social, web and mobile.

    We realize that marketing isn't your full time job. We can you save time and reach your goals by bringing all of your online marketing together in one convenient place so that you never miss an opportunity to find new customers or engage the ones you have.



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    Email marketing is a smart, affordable way to stay connected with your contacts. Grow your business by driving new and repeat business by reaching diners where they are every day: the inbox.

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